Our Mission  

Afrimath’s mission is to create exciting mathematics enrichment opportunities for K-12 students and teachers in Senegal and across Africa. We design unique curricula and programs in both applied and pure mathematics, building upon African traditions and highlighting their modern connections. We work with mathematicians and math educators in Senegal and other countries in Africa, as well as with academics and scientists in the United States and internationally. 


We are committed to nurturing passion, creativity, collaboration and joy in both the learning and teaching of mathematics. We  currently have four main programs:

  • Our flagship activity, the Afrimath Summer Program, in partnership with the West African Polytechnic University;

  • The Math Circles, in partnership with Bob & Ellen Kaplan;

  • The Afrimath K-6 Teacher Training Certificate, in partnership with faculty at the Center for Mathematics, Science and Computing Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln;

  • The Dakar Forum on Mathematics and Education, in partnership with Ashoka Sahel.

Afrimath is headquartered at the Senegalese-American Bilingual School (SABS), an Ashoka Changemaker school and a pioneer of progressive education in Senegal. 


Feel free to contact us at: info@afrimath.org. 

Masaké K. LY is the program coordinator for Afrimath. She was once nicknamed "Math-Saké" by a student, due to her enthusiasm for mathematics. She loves teaching and mentoring students who wish to pursue mathematical sciences. 

Masaké is a proud alumna of the Senegalese-American Bilingual School. She holds a B.A from Howard University and an M.A.T with a major in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She's completed several fellowships in mathematics and in education and is passionate about all things Africa. 

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