The Afrimath Summer Program  

The Afrimath Summer Program (ASP) is a three week immersion in the world of mathematics (July 16 - Aug 2, 2018) based in Dakar, Senegal. Students, ages 12 -14, will explore concepts inspired by African geometric traditions. Topics include topology, graph theory, linear algebra and number theory, among others. Most days will include problem-solving sessions, math circle discussions and math art activities. The summer program will culminate with  participation in the second edition of the the Dakar Forum on Mathematics and Education, on August 1 & 2. Students will have the opportunity to share their views on learning mathematics with teachers, academics, artists, journalists, scientists, engineers and policy makers. The inaugural 2018 edition of ASP will be held at the West African Polytechnic University, in Almadies, Dakar - Senegal. 

The admissions committee is made up of Senegalese and international teachers and university faculty. The deadline to submit an application is June 4. Interviews will begin June and final decisions announced by June 15. Spaces are limited and we expect many applications. If you are not offered a space this year, you are welcome to submit an application next year. To apply, students will need to:


1. Fill out an application. 

2. Ask a math teacher or school director to fill out the recommendation form before or by June 4. 

3. Submit your application early and definitely before June 4! 

Dr. Michelle Homp, of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education will join us from July 16 to Aug 2! 


Dr. Homp holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is the lead editor of the NebraskaMATH newsletters and coordinates summer graduate courses for teachers through the Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes.

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